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PDF-Datei  Development and Configuration of Service-based Product Lines

Conference Paper

Author:Alexander Gruler, Alexander Harhurin, Judith Hartmann
Conference:11th International Software Product Line Conference
Address:Los Alamitos, CA, USA
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Abstract:Increasing complexity due to the multitude of different functions and their interactions as well as a rising number of different product variants are just some of the challenges that must be faced during the development of multi-functional system families. Addressing this trend we present an approach combining model-based development with product line techniques aiming at a consistent description of a software product family as well as supporting the configuration of its variants. We integrate the concept of variability in our framework which only supported the representation of single software systems on subsequent abstraction levels so far. For the configuration of a concrete product we extend this framework by a feature-based model which allows to configure and derive single systems from a system family model. Furthermore, we explain how the complexity due to the possibly huge amount of configuration decisions can be handled by means of a staged configuration process.

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