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PDF-Datei  CloneDetective — A Workbench for Clone Detection Research

Conference Paper

Author:E. Juergens, F. Deissenboeck, B. Hummel
Conference:ICSE '09: Proc. of the 31st International Conference on Software Engineering
Abstract:The area of clone detection has considerably evolved over the last decade, leading to approaches with better re- sults, but at the same time using more elaborate algorithms and tool chains. In our opinion a level has been reached, where the initial investment required to setup a clone de- tection tool chain and the code infrastructure required for experimenting with new heuristics and algorithms seriously hampers the exploration of novel solutions or specific case studies. As a solution, this paper presents CloneDetective, an open source framework and tool chain for clone detec- tion, which is especially geared towards configurability and extendability and thus supports the preparation and con- duction of clone detection research.

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