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Sustainable Script and Scaffold Development for Collaboration on Varying Web Content: The S-COL Technological Approach

Conference Paper

Author:Christof Wecker, Karsten Stegmann, Florian Bernstein, Michael J. Huber, Georg Kalus, Sabine Rathmayer, Ingo Kollar, Frank Fischer
Conference:CSCL'09: Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Computer supported collaborative learning
Publisher:International Society of the Learning Sciences
Abstract:We present a single solution for the following two problems: (1) to provide just-in-time support for collaborative learning tasks on top of arbitrary web pages (e. g. in order to foster online search competence) and (2) to transfer collaboration scripts implemented on a particular platform to other platforms. S-COL solves both by using fixed browser-side scripts and scaffolds and triggering them by recognizing types of functionally equivalent web pages, and combines this with collaborative web-browsing.

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