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PDF-Datei  Visual Process Model Design using Domain-specific Languages

Conference Paper

Author:Marco Kuhrmann, Georg Kalus, Eugen Wachtel, Manfred Broy
Conference:Proceedings of SPLASH Workshop on Flexible Modeling Tools 2010
Publisher:ACM Press
Abstract:Process models can be seen as constructive and structured guidance for the organization of a projects’ daily work. Those models have to reflect the diversity of software & systems development projects. The need for variability by tailoring processes to a particular project’s circumstances makes design of process models a complex undertaking. Process engineers need comprehensive support to model processes, validate consistency, to prepare enactment and at the same time to design in a visual manner to communicate with process stakeholders. This paper presents research that uses domain-specific languages for the graphical design and the validation of process models. The paper highlights aspects of the Process Development Environment, which provides visual design capabilities for process model design. It gives an overview over the concepts, the technical foundations and further work.

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