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PDF-Datei  Towards a Formal Engineering Approach for SOA

Technical Report

Abstract:Service-oriented architectures (SOA) have received much attention for providing specification principles in order to develop flexible and interoperable software systems. This is achieved by concentrating on ''non-technical'' concepts of the application domain in order to structure software systems in a functional, business process-oriented manner - thereby enabling efficient reactions to changing requirements. Although there exists a common understanding and agreement on the core essentials of an SOA, available architecture frameworks still differ in the incorporation of those. In particular, there still is no common agreement on (1) the properties of underlying modelling concepts, and (2) how these concepts can be related consistently to each other. We develop a seamless, model-based engineering approach for SOA that relies on a semantically sound theory of its basic concepts and relations. In this report, we present actual results of on-going research in cooperation with the SOA Innovation Labs. We first discuss the basic SOA concepts of a service, a process, and a component (architecture) inferred from a previously developed mathematical model: the FOCUS theory for modelling reactive systems. We show that (SOA) processes and services are dual notions for capturing system behaviour at different levels of abstraction. We argue for the use of this formalisation as a basis for the development of a tool-supported engineering approach and conclude by illustrating a case study.

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