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PDF-Datei  Utilizing user interface models for automated instantiation and execution of system tests

Conference Paper

Author:Benedikt Hauptmann, Maximilian Junker
Conference:Proceedings of the First International Workshop on End-to-End Test Script Engineering
Series:ETSE '11
Address:New York, NY, USA
Abstract:Scripts for automated system tests often contain technical knowledge about the user interface (UI). This makes test scripts brittle and hard to maintain which leads to high maintenance costs. As a consequence, automation of system tests is often abandoned. We present a model-driven approach that separates UI knowledge from test scripts. Tests are defined on a higher level, abstracting from UI usage. During test instantiation, abstract tests are enriched with UI information and executed against the system. We demonstrate the application of our approach to graphical UIs (GUIs) such as rich clients and web applications. To show the feasibility, we present a prototypical implementation testing the open-source application Bugzilla.

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