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PDF-Datei  Towards a Calculus for UML-RT Specifications


Journal:Seventh OOPSLA Workshop on Behavioral Semantics of OO Business and System Specifications, Vancouver, Canada
Author:R. Grosu, M. Broy, B. Selic, Gh. Stefanescu
Editor:Haim Kilov, Bernhard Rumpe, Ian Simmonds
Abstract:The unified modeling language (UML) developed under the coordination of the Object Management Group (OMG) is one of the most important standards for the specification and design of object-oriented systems. This standard is currently tuned for real-time applications in the form of a new proposal, UML for Real-Time (UML-RT), by Rational Software Corporation and ObjecTime Limited. Because of the importance of UML-RT we are investigating its formal foundation in a joint project between ObjecTime Limited, Technische Universitaet Muenchen and the University of Bucharest. In this paper we present part of this foundation, namely the theory of flow-graphs.

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