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PDF-Datei  Software and System Modeling Based on a Unified Formal Semantics

Conference Paper

Author:Manfred Broy, Franz Huber, Barbara Paech, Bernhard Rumpe, Katharina Spies
Conference:Requirements Targeting Software and Systems Engineering, International Workshop RTSE'97, Benried, Germany
Editor:Manfred Broy, Bernhard Rumpe
Number:LNCS 1526
Pages:43 - 68
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Abstract:Modeling and documentation are two essential ingredients for the engineering discipline of software development. During the last twenty years a wide variety of description and modeling techniques as well as document formats has been proposed. However, often these are not integrated into a coherent methodology with well-defined dependencies between the models and documentations. This hampers focused software development as well as the provision of powerful tool-support. In this paper we present the main issues and outline solutions in the direction of a unified, formal basis for software and system modeling.

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