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PDF-Datei  Towards Tool Support for Service-Oriented Development of Embedded Automotive Systems

Conference Paper

Conference:Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Workshop on Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems (MBEES'07), Informatik-Bericht 2007-01
Abstract:The development of embedded systems is a challenging task because of the distributed, reactive and real-time nature of such systems. Distribution of embedded components across buses and networks causes high interaction complexity. We propose a model-based development approach to handle this complexity. We model the individual functionalities of the system - the services - independently from each other in an interaction modeling and architecture definition language. Methodological steps allow us to refine and modify the models. A development process determines the order in which to perform the steps. Our service-oriented development methodology spans the entire development process from requirements analysis to implementation, verification and validation. We have developed integrated tool support that governs this process; it provides an effective means to apply and evaluate our approach. In this paper we introduce our service-oriented methodology and describe our tool as part of an integrated tool suite supporting this process by means of an automotive example: the Central Locking System (CLS).

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