Package edu.tum.cs.scanner

Provides scanners for several languages.


Interface Summary
IScanner Common interface for all scanners.
IToken Object of type IToken are returned by the scanners.

Class Summary
CobolToken Class for Cobol tokens generated by the Cobol scanner.
CPPToken Class for C/C++ tokens generated by the C/C++ scanner.
CSToken Class for C# (CS) tokens generated by the CsScanner.
JavaToken Class for Java tokens generated by the Java scanner.
PL1Token Class for Cobol tokens generated by the Cobol scanner.
ScannerFactory This factory class is the central access point to the scanner framework.
ScannerUtils This class offers utility methods for scanners.
Token Base class for implementations of the token interface.
VBToken Class for visual basic tokens generated by the VB scanner.

Enum Summary
ELanguage Enumeration class for the languages support by the scanner framework.
ETokenType This enumeration describes the type of a token.
ETokenType.ETokenClass Enumeration describing the classes token types belong to.
ScannerException.EExceptionType Enum type for different exceptions .

Exception Summary
ScannerException Generated scanners throw exceptions of this type to signal scanning problems.
UnicodeEscapeException Exception class that gets thrown when an illegal unicode escape sequence is encountered This class does not extend ScannerException, since the UnicodeEscapes scanner is no stand alone scanner, but extends FilterReader.

Package edu.tum.cs.scanner Description

Provides scanners for several languages. The central elements are:


Scanner - 1.2